Leedonal 'Jazz' Moore 

Candidate for Democrats Abroad International Chair

I am running to be the International Chair of Democrats Abroad for the 2023-2025 term and I'd be honored to have your vote.

Dear Democrats Abroad,

I am honored and thrilled to be a candidate for the position of International Chair of Democrats Abroad. As someone who has been deeply committed to our party's values and mission for many years, I am excited to have the opportunity to serve and lead our organization forward.

As Democrats Abroad, we have a unique and critical role to play in advancing the cause of progressive politics and standing up for the values that we hold dear. Whether we are working to promote democracy and human rights abroad, advocating for policies that will help to combat climate change and protect our planet, or fighting for the rights of marginalized communities, our work is essential to the success of the Democratic Party and the future of our country.

As your International Chair, I am committed to building on the incredible progress that we have made as an organization in recent years and continuing to push for change on the issues that matter most to us. This means working to increase voter engagement and turnout, particularly among young and marginalized communities, and to ensure that every American living abroad has the opportunity to make their voice heard in our political process.

It also means continuing to advocate for bold and progressive policies at every level of government, from local to national and international, and to build coalitions with like-minded organizations and individuals around the world who share our vision for a more just and equitable society.

Most importantly, it means recognizing the incredible power and potential of the grassroots movement that we have built as Democrats Abroad, and working to empower and uplift every member of our community in the fight for a better future. Whether you are a longtime activist or a new member just joining us today, your voice and your contributions are essential to our success, and I am committed to ensuring that every member of our organization feels seen, heard, and valued.

So let us come together as Democrats Abroad, united in our commitment to progressive values and the power of grassroots organizing, and let us work together to build a brighter future for ourselves, our country, and the world.

Love and Light,

Leedonal Jazz Moore




If you believe in Leadership, Justice, and Motivation, I would appreciate your support and look forward to working together for a better Democrats Abroad!