Leedonal 'Jazz' Moore (they/them)

Leedonal Jazz Moore grew up in a biracial family, with an American father and a German mother. Born in Kaiserslautern, Germany near Ramstein Air Base, Leedonal had to adapt to new situations frequently due to their father’s constant deployments between the US and Germany. Though they found it challenging as a child, they now appreciate the skills they gained, including the ability to network, connect with people, and adapt quickly to new and difficult situations.

When their parents divorced, Leedonal decided the constant moving was not ideal and chose to live with their mother. They grew up understanding the value of hard work. Their German grandmother had a positive influence on their upbringing. She made sure they learned fencing, horseback riding, and other classics while emphasizing the importance of working hard for what they wanted in life and understanding the value of respect, humility, and service to the community.

Leedonal learned from their upbringing that everything in life must be worked for, and that success is earned, not granted. Their experiences as a non-binary person and as a child of a military family have shaped their perspective and influenced their beliefs. They believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity and a chance to succeed, regardless of their background. Leedonal is running for Democrats Abroad International Chair to represent the millions of American ex-pats and to create a better future for us all.

In addition to being the only Black student in school, Moore also discovered their membership in the LGBTIQ+ community and began expressing their gender identity and sexuality through their clothing and makeup choices. Although they faced some verbal harassment, they always defended themselves verbally and never had physical altercations.

When Moore came out to their father, he left in the middle of the night without saying goodbye and left a letter saying he still loved Moore and needed time to understand. This coming out to his father and his reaction is foundational to Moore’s understanding and respect for others and the importance of empathy. 

Leedonal Moore, who later added Jazzmin, left home at 17 after their stepfather was unfavorable to their identity. They took a break from school, worked in restaurants and as a dancer in nightclubs, and eventually started performing as a drag queen with their group, Planet Sexy Fancy Dancers. They first used the name Kelly as in Destiny’s Child and eventually chose Jazzmin. They also started their apprenticeship as a hairdresser after a friend saw their talent with wigs and makeup. Leedonal realized their gender identity and sexual identity were fluid, but a boyfriend's disapproval caused them to temporarily suppress their identity to be a woman. They completed their apprenticeship and master's degree quickly and celebrated by going on a shopping spree to Zurich, where they immediately fell in love with the city.

Leedonal Jazzmin Moore moved to Zurich in 2005 and initially felt alone as they did not know anyone. They began working as a hairdresser and put their drag persona on hold. However, they continued to explore the LGBTIQ+ community and eventually participated in Miss Drag Queen Switzerland in 2006 and 2008, winning the latter. They adopted the name Jazzmin Dian Moore during their participation in the pageant, inspired by jazz music, their own name, and Lady Diana. Moore later became involved in event organizing and community building, using their platform to spotlight the queer community and engage in charitable projects.

As an advocate and activist for the queer and Black communities in Switzerland. Jazz started creating events and charitable projects to spotlight their community and did advocacy work on queer and Black issues. They won the International Tolerantia Award in 2016 for their advocacy work for the LGBTIQ+ community. They also received invitations to embassies, which led them to diplomacy and politics. As a drag and queer artist, they were able to engage audiences and be a successful lobbyist for issues.

Leedonal Jazzmin Moore joined Democrats Abroad Switzerland (DA-CH) in 2016. Feeling unwelcome, they became inactive after a month. They reactivated in 2020 as a volunteer for a new and inclusive leadership team. During the 2020 election cycle, Jazz represented DA during the presidential election night coverage on live TV. Moore's work for DA involved advocating and lobbying for the organization, including receiving invitations to embassies and other political events.

Their experiences as a biracial person and as a child of a military family have shaped their perspective and influenced their beliefs. They believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity and a chance to succeed, regardless of their background. Leedonal is running for office to fight for those who are underrepresented and to create a better future for all.

Moore currently serves as International Secretary, Democrats Abroad; DPCA Voting Rep, DA-CH; and Chair of the Global Black Caucus.