Your Issues Are My Issues ...

As a non-binary, biracial, military brat and member of the LGBTIQ+, Leedonal Jazzmin Moore's perspective is shaped by their beliefs, experience, and a deep commitment to progressive values and social justice. 

Moore has strong views on key issues such as voting rights, accessibility, and the democratic process, and is a vocal advocate for expanding access to the ballot box, increasing voter turnout, and improving state-party relations. 

Chairing the Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus reflects Moore’s passions and social justice for civil rights keenly interested in promoting Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA) across all areas of society. 

Moore advocates for healthcare reform and supports efforts to improve access to quality healthcare for all. 

The environment and climate change, age-based issues such as youth and seniors, technology and education, living abroad and taxation, and military and veterans' affairs round out a platform that reflects Leadership, Justice, and Motivation for all.

1. Voting and Democratic Process: Voting Rights, Accessibility, Get Out The Vote, State Party Relations, Fundraising

Our Vote Is Our Voice

2. Civil Rights and Social Justice: The Black Vote, LGBTIQ+, Women's Rights, AAPI, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Criminal Justice and Reparations

Justice For Peace

3. Environment and Climate Change: The Environment and Climate Change

Protecting Our Earth

4. Healthcare: Healthcare and Accessibility

In Health We Trust

5. Age-Based Issues: Youth, Seniors

Our Future, Our Past

6. Technology and Education: Technology, Education

An Open AI Is A Just AI

7. Living Abroad and Taxation: Living Abroad, taxation abroad

Taxation And Representation

8. Military and Veterans: Military and Veterans

Thank You For Your Service