Cory Lemke

Cory Lemke

Candidate DNC Delegate Asia-Pacific

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Why I Am Running:

I reside in the Asia Pacific Region for the same reasons as so many of our members: to find a job to pay off my student loan debt, to discover belonging and reconnect with my heritage, and to feel a sense of safety and security from the gun epidemic ravaging our country. 

I am the product of these two places – Asia and America. That is why I am running to be the Asia-Pacific Representative at the Democratic National Committee: I believe our stories need to be heard to shape the policy preferences of our Democratic Party. 

It is clear that diversity and inclusion are winning strategies for Democrats, and that is why I am excited to run aside Jazz, Jennifer, Art, Heather, and Suma. We must expand the reach of the party to new groups - especially the AAPI community in Asia Pacific. This team understands that and will build a more inclusive Democrats Abroad. 


My name is Cory Lemke, I vote in Tucson, Arizona, and I reside in Seoul, South Korea. 

I have served in many capacities as a Democrats Abroad leader. I helped revive Democrats Abroad Republic of Korea in 2019 and served as its first post-revival Vice Chair. In that capacity, I worked to increase the diversity of our leadership team, and in that endeavor, I was appointed to serve as one of the Co-Chairs for the Global Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus. I was elected to serve as the Chair of the country committee from 2021-2023. 

During my tenure, the country committee established three chapters. 

In 2022, I was appointed as the International Treasurer and worked with the International Counsel to bring the organization into universal compliance. We also established bank accounts for each of the country committees, which will enable country committees to professionalize their fundraising operations moving forward. 

Professionally, I operate a small learning and development business and work with pharmaceutical companies primarily. I am also a sociolinguist and work towards the revitalization of the Jejuan language in my spare time. 

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Happy to take your questions.