Heather A. Stone 

Heather A. Stone

Candidate International Councel

Please schedule time with me here: hstone3@wellesley.edu

or via WhatsApp/Signal: +972-54-451-0754

Why I Am Running:

It would be an honor to serve as International Counsel alongside principled leaders such as Jazz, Art, and Jen.  I believe that we must grow together and the groundwork has been laid for it and I’m ready to work collaboratively with our leadership and volunteers to help DA yield its potential. 

If elected, there are several priorities that I would seek to achieve: 

In addition, I would like to arrange regular meeting with the country committee counsels to hear the issues they are facing and help improve processes.  


I’ve been a practicing lawyer since 1988 in NJ and 1993 in Israel, including as a partner with one of the largest corporate law firms in Israel from 2001-2017. I’ve worked in U.S. Securities Law, International Mergers & Acquisitions, and Internal Investigations of publicly traded companies appearing before the Securities and Exchange Commission and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. 

I led teams of lawyers on many complex international transactions and investigations. I left private practice six years ago following brain surgery when I lost most of my eyesight. In the last two years, having mastered using a screen reader and other advanced technologies, I now serve as Deputy International Counsel (Global) handling all manner of matters for the organization, small and large.

In 2016, I led the effort to reconstitute DA Israel. I served as Chair from 2017-2021 and then Vice Chair. Our membership grew three-fold and we grew our media outreach. I served on the 2020 Platform Committee and am a founding member of the Global Disability Caucus. After introducing a unanimously-supported resolution to advocate for Medicare Portability, the Medicare Portability Task Force was created and I chair it. We managed to get authorizing language for a pilot program in the first year that the task force was created. I have served as Deputy International Counsel (Global) since 2021. I am especially proud of my leading role in obtaining Directors & Officers Insurance that covers ALL our volunteers at all levels, from chapters, country committees, caucuses, and task forces, to the International ExCom and anyone who reports to them. This is meaningful protection for our growing organization and allows our leaders to act with the knowledge that they have insurance against claims.

I am a very experienced lawyer able to provide independent counsel to the International ExCom and any parts of DA that require advice. I also have years of experience managing teams of attorneys on complex transactions and investigations. I work well with others, as the growing DA Israel community attests. I hope to be able to continue the Council of Counsels established in 2021, which brings together a group of volunteer lawyers from around the world to work on DA issues, assess potential liabilities and actions, and convey information appropriately throughout the organization in a timely manner. In conclusion, I am confident I can bring the benefit of extensive legal experience, an ability to listen and interpret information, a familiarity with how our organization works, and a proven commitment to making DA a more effective, diverse, and team-oriented organization. I would be deeply grateful for your support and, should I be elected, for your input and feedback.

Together We Stand

Please schedule time with Heather here: hstone3@wellesley.edu

or via WhatsApp/Signal: +972-54-451-0754