Jennifer von Estorff

Jennifer von Estorff

Candidate International Vice Chair

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Why I AM Running:

It would be a great honor to have the opportunity to serve as International Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad, particularly alongside such phenomenal leaders as Jazz, Art, and Heather. 

It has been my pleasure to volunteer, strategize, organize, and lead across all levels of Democrats Abroad, from our local Chapter to my work as Global State Teams Coordinator. I am confident that my unique experience and knowledge of the organization, from on the ground to the overarching structure and function, would allow me to help chart the direction of Democrats Abroad and ensure we can mobilize even more voters in future elections. As a team focused on bringing our volunteers together to carry out our shared mission, we have the energy, drive, spirit, and know-how to carry out this essential task.

I would be incredibly grateful for your support in my bid for Democrats Abroad's International Vice Chair and look forward to continuing to serve and ensure voters living abroad have their voices heard.


For the last two years, I have driven the formation and organization of the innovative DA State Teams. 

The state-specific outreach offered by our 14 teams from crucial states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, is uniquely positioned to support our DA-wide efforts to get out the vote up and down the ballot! By training and mobilizing the specialized teams, we have been able to craft communication, develop detailed voting materials, offer direct assistance to voters, and bring close to 100 candidates to our Meet the Candidates events series so they could hear the unique concerns of overseas voters. 

We have also organized targeted efforts to improve ballot access for overseas voters and have advocated with numerous lawmakers and are currently working to get legislation passed in multiple states. The DA State Teams are active in all areas of the organization, and I currently work closely with the Global ExCom and other global coordinators, including helping to develop the global GOTV plan, contributing to targeted communication, developing engaging events as well as shoring up the Voter Assistance and Protection teams.

Together We Stand

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