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I would be very honored and blessed to have you support my candidacy with your endorsement and testimonial. 

Make your voices be heard on why you see, feel, and know that I am fit to become the next International Chair of Democrats Abroad.  

You can submit your statement here. 


Please allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude and respect for your endorsement of my candidacy. Your support means more than you can imagine, and it is truly an honor to have your backing.

Knowing that you believe in me and my abilities gives me a renewed sense of confidence and motivation. I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me and I will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

Again, thank you for your endorsement and for being a source of inspiration and encouragement. 

Your kindness and support are deeply appreciated.

Love and Light

Leedonal Jazz Moore 

Video Endorsements

Make your voices be heard on why you see, feel, and know that Leedonal 'Jazz' Moore is the best fit in becoming the next International Chair of Democrats Abroad.  

You can submit your statement here. 

Ambassador Suzan LeVine (ret), she/her

Dear Democrats Abroad, 

While serving as President Obama’s Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, I had the honor of meeting and working with Leedonal Jazzmin Moore and immediately saw and became deeply impressed with their ability to organize, communicate, enlist, and inspire others – all of the qualities we need in a state party chair! 

My admiration has only grown since I returned back to the United States and engaged with them to save our Democracy.

I’ve seen and worked with a lot of exceptional state party chairs all across the US and, with their experience as chair of the Black Caucus and Secretary of Democrats Abroad, I know that they would come into the job at full speed and excel at the critical work of securing and directing the resources that driving voter turnout abroad requires. 

I highly recommend you elect Leedonal Jazzmin as your next chair of Democrats Abroad. 

Ambassador Ed McMullen (ret) 

”As US Ambassador to Switzerland, I had the honor to have Jazz as an advisor and friend in Bern. 

Regardless of party politics, Jazz offered me perspective that was heartfelt and intelligent based on compassion and understanding. 

Our country is fortunate to have devoted citizens abroad who work hard to support our millions of voters overseas. Jazz is a motivator and a true friend, and I offer my support in this important effort as International Chair for Democrats Abroad. 

Best wishes Jazz!! “

Dr. Tory Mallett, she/her // DA-CH Chair 

Lives in: Switzerland 

Votes in: New York

"Jazz has always gone above and beyond to support Democrats Abroad. Despite their roles both as International Secretary and Chair of the Global Black Caucus, Jazz is always committed to doing the on-the-ground work for DA Switzerland, as well. 

Not only are they the first to step up and volunteer for critical tasks, but they do so with passion and a smile on their face that makes others feel included and heard.  

I know that if elected, Jazz will devote their valuable skills and resources fully to the role of Chair, and it's such an honor to support them!"

Teresa Ritterhoff, Ph.D., she/her // DA Membership Engagement Coordinator

Lives in: Germany

Votes in: Illinois 

I am delighted to endorse Jazz for International Chair of Democrats Abroad.


Throughout their joint tenure as Global Secretary and Chair of DA’s Global Black Caucus, Jazz has demonstrated exactly the kind of leadership, energy, drive, character, and competence that Democrats Abroad needs at this moment. 


To this strong set of personal qualities, Jazz brings perhaps the most valuable resource of all: experience. Having themselves administered many and various aspects of the organization, Jazz comes well prepared to bring DA’s “A”-game to the 2024 presidential cycle. There is arguably no better preparation for the role of Chair than that of Secretary, a sometimes thankless but high-intensity job. Over their past year in the position, Jazz has brought to the table a stellar work ethic, deep and sincere engagement with members at all levels of the organization, and a sense of proportion as well as humor.  As an active member of the current Global ExCom, Jazz is moreover perfectly poised to build on the considerable achievements of the past two years and to hit the ground running toward victory in 2024.


In addition to serving as an executive of DA’s governing body, the International Chair represents Democrats Abroad at the Democratic National Committee, in the press, and among our membership around the globe. Since meeting Jazz in a Swiss TV studio on election night in 2020 -- and since then over countless hours on Zoom --  I have seen firsthand the grace with which they handle themselves under the spotlight and under pressure. Jazz’s passionate leadership of the Global Black Caucus is a case in point. The integrity and devotion to core Democratic values that they brought to the GBC would be extremely well placed in the service of the entire organization.


Jazz has the character, the skills, and the experience to lead Democrats Abroad at this critical juncture. Please cast your vote for them to be our next International Chair.

Prof. Betsy Ettore // Chair DA Finland // Chair Global Seniors Caucus

Lives in: Finland

Votes in: Connecticut

"While in DA we consistently have excellent candidates for Global Chair, this year I wholeheartedly endorse Jazz. My reasons are they are consistently kind, considerate, and generous to members; they have a rare peaceful, calm demeanor for good leadership and most of all, they make all of our political activity fun."  

Betsy Ettorre

Malaika Kusumi // FFM Chapter VC // GBC Steering Committee

Lives in: Germany

Votes in: California

Seeing is believing, and I am a person that truly believes action speaks louder than words, but it has to be the right action, done the right way, at the right time---Jazz has that talent naturally but they have honed it into a mighty skill; a skill that will be sorely needed in 2023 and moving into 2024.

I am a person that likes to get things done now, which is great; however, an even greater quality is having that drive coupled with patience and vigilance. That is how I have experienced Jazz. 

Having Jazz “in the driver’s seat” would be beneficial to our Democrats Abroad and to the Democratic party in that they know where they want to go, when they need to be there and have already mapped out several routes, yet is willing and wanting to hear what the co-driver and the passengers have to say.

Speed, accuracy, and artistry describe the journey Jazz would carve out with Democrats Abroad. Speaking multiple languages, possessing social prowess, political adroitness, and mental perspicacity, Jazz is the right choice for the 2023 International Chair.

Beth Landry, they/them // MD State Team Lead // SE DPCA Voting Representative // Former Int. Secretary

Lives in: Sweden

Votes in: Maryland

Integrity. Respect. Courage. Passion. Resilience. Humility. Empathy. Gratitude.

Jazz is the candidate for Democrats Abroad International Chair who expresses all of these requisite qualities for the office.

Forward-Thinker. Proven Team-Builder. Active Listener. Problem-Solver. 

The International Chair of Democrats Abroad should not only have leadership qualities, but should anticipate future needs, aptitude, and potential of our organization. These qualities should not just exist on paper but must have been demonstrated by their ability to organize and deliver results. As the Chair of the DA Black Caucus, Jazz has grown a robust team of dozens of leaders around the world for crucial advocacy work. In their time as International Secretary, Jazz has been a crucial and steadied voice as a member of the DPCA Executive Committee.

Our vote from abroad is more important than ever. In 2024, it’s all on the line and lives are at stake. Our Climate Emergency. Voting Rights. Reproductive Justice. Taxation Reform.  LGBTQIA+ Rights. Reparations Justice. 

I know firsthand the cost being paid by working people and families when Democrats do not win. With my work as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, a Maryland non-profit Statewide Organizing Director, former DA Sweden Vice Chair and Phonebanking Coordinator, former EMEA Deputy Regional Vice Chair, and prior DA International Secretary – I know what it takes to successfully organize, motivate others to take action, and to be a leader. At this important junction, Jazz is the leader our organization needs for Democrats Abroad International Chair.

Additionally, my partner and I met with Jazz in person while in Zurich, and their hospitality while we navigated our time together was bar none. As a nonbinary queer DA Leader, one candidate in this race has taken the care to never misgender me, and that is Jazz.

Further, on a personal note, I was previously a member of the 2023 EMEA Regional Vice Chair Nominations and Elections Committee. This is a position in which I could not give a preference for DA candidates for office. 

I stepped down from this position, and off of the neutral sidelines, specifically to be able to share my opinion on my candidate preference and to declare:

I wholeheartedly endorse and ask you to vote with me for Jazz Moore for 2023-2025 Democrats Abroad International Chair.

Beth Landry, they/them 

Marnie Delaney

Lives in: France

Votes in: California

It is with great enthusiasm, honor and pride that I write in support of Jazz’ candidacy for Chair of Democrats Abroad.  I do this because I know them pretty well, have worked with them quite a bit and know they are:

Marnie Delaney

Joe Amato // VC Zurich Chapter

Lives in: Switzerland

Votes in: Colorado

I have had the pleasure of working with Leedonal at the national DACH and local Zurich chapter DA levels. 

They are committed to the goals and ideals of the Democratic Party.  We have worked together on a number of projects and I remain impressed with their level of commitment as well as their understanding of our overseas members and how best to be successful with this diverse group.  

I believe they will make a superb DA International Chair and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy.  

Miriam Victory Spiegel

Lives in: Switzerland 

Votes in: New York

Jazz brings a unique background and life experience to be a leader of Democrats Abroad. Growing up in a family that traversed continents, cultures, and languages, they became an adult able to balance a non-binary and cross-cultural identity with astonishing ease, sensitive to diversity, a natural people person and communicator with a strong commitment to democratic values and the Democratic agenda. 

Reavis Hilz-Ward

Lives in: Germany 

Votes in: Washington

I have been deeply impressed over the last couple of years of working with them on a large number of activities, campaigns, and meetings. I would like to mention a few of my observations and experiences and relate them to the position (or what I consider to be essential qualities required for it).

 1) Vision, foresight, and a strategic mind. Jazz is committed to the principles on which our country and by extension, our party are based. Time and again I have witnessed their ability to think and plan strategically, patiently explaining the vision so that everyone comes on board, and seemingly effortlessly move projects to completion. 

2) High personal integrity. This is an absolute precondition for a leader and Jazz shows this at all times. 

3) Kindness, empathy, and tolerance. Jazz genuinely likes people and has an amazing talent for mobilizing, persuading, exciting, and motivating people to work with them on a common goal, which they articulate clearly. 

4) Last but not least, effective multitasking. Jazz is currently juggling work as International Secretary, Chair of the Global Black Caucus, and other demanding requests on their time. They are always responsive, present, supporting, and contributing. I want to see this in the international Chair. I firmly believe that Jazz will move DA forward to more impact, more professionalism, and more reach – just at the time we most need it!

James Baite Lockett JR

Lives in: Hong Kong

Votes in: Texas

I am writing to endorse Jazz for the position of Democrats Abroad International Chair. 

As the former Vice-Chair of the DA Global Black Caucus, I had the pleasure of working with Jazz on various events and issues. Their compassion for people of all races is evident, and his ability to bring people together is unparalleled. Jazz possesses an in-depth understanding of the issues that we face today and has demonstrated his expertise on numerous occasions.

I wholeheartedly believe that Jazz is the right candidate for the position of Democrats Abroad International Chair. Their leadership skills, coupled with their knowledge of current affairs, make them an excellent choice to represent our community. 

I urge you to join me in endorsing Jazz for this crucial role.


James Baite Lockett Jr 

Lauren Hakulinen

Lives in: France

Votes in: California

When I first got to know Jazz, I was touched by their warmth and kindness. 

What I've seen in their position as International Secretary is a clear-minded communicator with a positive attitude, impressively quick and efficient, and a desire to help in every way possible to build DA into a more efficiently run organization. 

I fully endorse Jazz as our next International Chair of DA. 

Sharon D. Hatchet

Lives in: United States

Votes in: United States

I have known Leedonal Jazz Moore since 2007 when I was an expat living and working in Zurich, Switzerland for a global company. 

In 2021 and early 2022 I had the pleasure of working with Leedonal Jazz Moore in my position as President of Together in Better Alliance NFP (located in the Chicago area) to bring US-based speakers and educators together with members of Democrats Abroad in different countries and continents to focus on a variety of topics such as the history of Juneteenth in the US, white privilege, and critical race theory. Educational exhibits were also recommended to members of Democrats Abroad to visit in the US, such as the Equal Justice Initiative founded by Bryan Steven Stevenson, among others. 

Leedonal Jazz Moore was also connected with Frances Causey, producer of the award-winning documentary 'The Long Shadow" to provide Democrats Abroad members an opportunity to view the documentary, followed by a Q&A session with Frances Causey. These are mere examples of the drive and vision that Leedonal Jazz Moore has for bringing information,  educational content, and opportunities to members of Democrats Abroad to gain access to relevant information on key issues arising in the US before exercising their right to vote, at a time when dis-information is regrettably so pervasive.  

It was truly an honor and pleasure to work with Leedonal Jazz Moore, whom I consider ideally suited to serve as Democrats Abroad International Chair.